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11 Programming; 11.1 Output Power; 11.2 Antenna Diversity; 11.3 Rf Data Rate - Siemens 1218RF User Manual


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11 Programming

The 1218RF module can be configured and programmed using the "PurePath Wireless Configurator" from Texas
Instruments. A manual is available from inside the configurator.
While configuring the modules using the "PurePath Wireless Configurator" take notice of the following:

11.1 Output power

Maximum output power of the 1218RF module is 25mW (without cables loss and antenna gain), well within the limits
of FCC and ETSI. Make the following settings in the radio settings tab:
Range extender:
Target TX power (excl. CC259x):

11.2 Antenna diversity

In the radio settings tab of slave configurations antenna diversity can be enabled. Make sure to only program this
configuration into a module that supports antenna diversity.

11.3 RF data rate

The 1218RF module was approved in 5Mbps mode which translates into 8FSK modulation. In order to use the FCC
approval of the 1218RF module the RF data rate must be set to 5 Mbps.

12 Integration

The 1218RF module is not available for resale. The module was developed by Siemens Industry SoftWare (SISW) to
ease integration of the purepath wireless protocol in several hardware platforms. SISW has integrated the 1218RF
module as master in the "Pass By Noise conditioner" and as slave in a wireless microphone. Future implementations
of the 1218RF module will be designed by SISW or must be approved by SISW.

13 Antenna

The following antennas have been approved for the 1218RF module.
Laird Technologies
Laird Technologies
Any compatible antenna with a gain of less than 2 dBi is allowed.
FCC requires the use of a non-standard antenna connector. The following connectors have been considered
acceptable for meeting the requirement in Section 15.203: MMCX, MCX, and reverse polarity, SMA, BNC and TNC.
CC2590 (HGM)
5 dBm
Order code
1.3 dBi
1.3 dBi

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