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Operation; Installation - Siemens OpenAir GND Series Technical Instructions

Electronic damper actuator
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Technical Instructions
Document No. 155-746
March 17, 2005



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OpenAir GND Series Electronic Damper Actuator UL Listed Fire/Smoke Control Dampers
Figure 1.
When power is applied, the actuator coupling moves toward the open position, "90°".
The actuator opens in 15 seconds nominal, 90° at 60 Hz. In the event of a power failure
or when operating voltage is turned off, the actuator returns to the "0" position. The
return time is 15 seconds nominal for 90°.
The National Fire Protection Association NFPA 92A Standard for Recommended
Practice for Smoke-Control System and UL 864 Standard for Control Units and
Accessories for Fire Alarm Systems, require weekly self-tests for dedicated smoke
control equipment used in a smoke control system. The National Fire Protection
Association NFPA 72 Standard for National Fire Alarm Codes states that all life-safety
systems are to be functionally checked at least annually.
The GND actuator does not require any periodic cycling to function properly as an
integral part of an active smoke control damper system. Check the smoke control
damper/actuator every time you functionally check your smoke detectors, emergency
lights, and/or power generators for operation.
Refer to the installation instructions for detailed guidelines. (See 129-402)
Read and carefully follow the Installation Instructions to avoid equipment
Electronic Fusible Link (EFL)
ASK79.165 (165°F (74°C) operation)
ASK79.212 (212°F (100°C) operation)
ASK79.250 (250°F (121°C) operation)
ASK79.350 (350°F (177°C) operation)
Determine and order
appropriate actuator before
selecting EFL.
Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.



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