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Lubrication - Brother S-7250A Instruction Manual

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2-3. Lubrication

Do not connect the power cord until lubrication has been completed, otherwise the machine may operate if the
treadle is depressed by mistake, which could result in injury.
Be sure to wear protective goggles and gloves when handling the lubricating oil, so that it does not get into your
eyes or onto your skin.
If care is not taken, inflammation can result. Furthermore, do not drink the lubricating oil. Diarrhea or vomiting may
Keep the oil out of the reach of children.
When cutting the nozzle of the oil tank, hold the base of the nozzle securely.
If you hold the end of the nozzle, injury from the scissors may result.
reference line
reference line
The sewing machine should always be lubricated and the oil
supply replenished before it is used for the first time, and also
after long periods of non-use.
1. Hold the base of the nozzle of the accessory oil tank (1),
and use scissors to cut about half-way along the straight
section (A) of the nozzle.
2. Loosen and remove the nozzle, and then remove the seal
3. Tighten the nozzle.
4. Tilt back the machine head.
5. Remove the rubber cap (3), and pour lubricating oil into
the oil cover (4) until it reaches the upper reference line
6. Replace the rubber cap (3).
7. Return the machine head to its original position.
When the machine head is tilted back at times such as the
following, lubricating oil may leak out from the oil cover (4).
If lubricating oil is added until the oil level goes above
the upper reference line (5) on the oil cover (4).
<Lubrication oil replenishment interval>
If the oil level drops below the lower reference line (6) on the
oil cover (4), be sure to replenish the oil.


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