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Rds; Introduction Of Rds Operation; Switching The Rds Display; Receiving Pty Alarm Broadcasts - Pioneer DEH-2700R Operation Manual

High power cd player with rds tuner
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Introduction of RDS operation

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RDS (radio data system) is a system for provid-
ing information along with FM broadcasts.
This inaudible information provides such fea-
tures as program service name, program type,
traffic announcement standby and automatic
tuning, intended to aid radio listeners in find-
ing and is tuning in to a desired station.
1 Program service name
Shows the name of broadcast program.
2 AF indicator
Shows when AF (alternative frequencies
search) function is on.
3 TA indicator
Shows when TA (traffic announcement
standby) function is on.
4 TP indicator
Shows when a TP station is tuned in.
! RDS service may not be provided by all sta-
! RDS functions such as AF and TA are only ac-
tive when your radio is tuned to an RDS

Switching the RDS display

When you tune in an RDS station its program
service name is displayed. If you want to know
the frequency you can.
% Press EQ and hold until the display
Press EQ and hold repeatedly to switch be-
tween the following settings:
Program service namePTY information
PTY (program type ID code) information is
listed on page 10.
# PTY information and the frequency of the cur-
rent station appears on the display for eight sec-
Receiving PTY alarm
PTY alarm is a special PTY code for announce-
ments regarding emergencies such as natural
disasters. When the tuner receives the radio
alarm code, ALARM appears on the display
and the volume adjusts to the TA volume.
When the station stops broadcasting the
emergency announcement, the system re-
turns to the previous source.
! An emergency announcement can be can-
celled by pressing TA.
! You can also cancel an emergency an-
nouncement by pressing SOURCE, BAND,
a, b, c or d.
Selecting alternative
If you are listening to a broadcast and the re-
ception becomes weak or there are other pro-
blems, the unit will automatically search for a
different station in the same network which is
broadcasting a stronger signal.
! AF is on as a default.


Table of Contents

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