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LG PD239W Owner's Manual page 3

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Removal of waste batteries and accumulators
(Product with embedded battery ONLY)
In case this product contains a battery incorporated
within the product which cannot be readily removed
by endusers, LG recommends that only qualified
professionals remove the battery, either for replacement
or for recycling at the end of this product's working life. To
prevent damage to the product, and for their own safety,
users should not attempt to remove the battery and
should contact LG Service Helpline, or other independent
service providers for advice.
Removal of the battery will involve dismantling of the
product case, disconnection of the electrical cables/
contacts, and careful extraction of the battery cell using
specialized tools. If you need the instructions for qualified
professionals on how to remove the battery safely,
please visit
CAUTION: Internal lithium battery in the unit should not
be replaced by user because of danger of explosion if
battery is incorrectly replaced ,and must be replaced with
the same type battery by expert.
PD239S-P.DTURLLK_SIMPLE_OM_ENG_1_MFL67796250.indd 3
For Wireless product European Union Notice
LG Electronics hereby declares that this/these product(s)
is/are in compliance with the essential requirements
and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC,
2004/108/EC, 2006/95/EC, 2009/125/EC and 2011/65/EU.
Please contact to the following address for obtaining a
copy of the DoC (Declaration of Conformity).
Contact office for compliance of this product:
LG Electronics Inc
EU Representative, Krijgsman 1,
1186 DM Amstelveen, The Netherlands
Please note that this is NOT a Customer Service contact
point. For Customer Service Information, see Warranty
Card or contact the dealer that you purchased this
All other product and brand names are trademarks
or registered trademarks of their respective owners.


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