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Configuration & Location - Kenmore KM1000 Installation Manual

Freestanding water optimizer
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Getting Started
Before we proceed with your installation, we must first identify how and where to install
your new Water Optimizer. This will be the most complicated part of the installation
process. Don't be intimidated! We've worked hard to write the best set of instructions you'll
ever read. Be prepared to feel like a DIY pro when you're finished!
Configuration & Location
First, let's decide where you want to install your Water Optimizer. In almost all cases, this
easily decided by answering two simple questions.
1. What water sources are available? If you're not sure what you have, or how to check,
"Appendix A - Water Sources" on page 2-56
A. Water Accessory Line (typically refrigerator ice maker line/source)
B. Sink Faucet Cold Water Line (i.e. underneath your kitchen sink)
2. Do you want to connect any other appliances? Your Water Optimizer is capable of
providing purified water to up to two kitchen appliances* (i.e. refrigerator, ice maker, or
coffee maker/espresso maker/barista machine with an in-line water connection).
*The ability to provide purified water to external appliances is dependent on having
sufficient water pressure.
3. Following this are diagrams of the most common types of installations our customers
like to use. Quickly review them to identify which configuration best suits you. We
recommend connecting to a Water Accessory Line if both types of water sources are
Getting Started 2-4
for pictures and more information.



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