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Electrolux EIT815 User Manual page 11

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To activate the function: activate the
hob with
. Do not set the heat setting.
for 4 seconds.
Deactivate the hob with
To deactivate the function: activate the
hob with
. Do not set the heat setting.
for 4 seconds.
Deactivate the hob with
To override the function for only one
cooking time: activate the hob with
comes on. Touch
Set the heat setting in 10 seconds.
You can operate the hob. When you
deactivate the hob with
operates again.
4.10 OffSound Control
(Deactivating and activating the
Deactivate the hob. Touch
seconds. The display comes on and
goes out. Touch
comes on. Touch
choose one of the following:
- the sounds are off
- the sounds are on
To confirm your selection wait until the
hob deactivates automatically.
When the function is set to
hear the sounds only when:
• you touch
• Minute Minder comes down
• Count Down Timer comes down
• you put something on the control
4.11 Power management
• Cooking zones are grouped according
to the location and number of the
phases in the hob. See the illustration.
• Each phase has a maximum
electricity loading of 3700 W.
• The function divides the power
between cooking zones connected to
the same phase.
comes on.
comes on.
for 4 seconds.
the function
for 3
for 3 seconds.
of the timer to
you can
• The function activates when the total
electricity loading of the cooking
zones connected to a single phase
exceeds 3700 W.
• The function decreases the power to
the other cooking zones connected to
the same phase.
• The heat setting display of the
reduced zones changes between two
4.12 Hob²Hood
It is an advanced automatic function
which connects the hob to a special
hood. Both the hob and the hood have
an infrared signal communicator. Speed
of the fan is defined automatically on
basis of mode setting and temperature of
the hottest cookware on the hob. You
can also operate the fan from the hob
For most of the hoods the
remote system is originally
deactivated. Activate it
before you use the function.
For more information refer to
hood user manual.
Operating the function automatically
To operate the function automatically set
the automatic mode to H1 – H6. The hob
is originally set to H5. The hood reacts
whenever you operate the hob. The hob
recognizes temperature of the cookware
automatically and adjusts the speed of
the fan.



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