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Answering A Call; In-Call Options - Samsung SCH-A565 User Manual

Digital cellular telephone
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Call Functions

Answering a Call

When somebody calls you, the phone rings and the
phone icon is displayed in the middle of the external
If the caller can be identified, the caller's phone number
(or name if pre-stored in your Phone Book) is displayed.
If the caller cannot be identified, only the phone icon
1. To answer a call, open the phone. If the phone is
already open, press the
2. End the call by closing the phone or pressing the
N o t e: You can answer a call while using the phone
book or menu features. The current operation will be
i n t e rru p t e d .

In-Call Options

Your phone provides a number of functions that you can
use during a call. You may not utilize all of these
functions at all times. Many of the in-call options are
network services.
Press the MENU key during a call to access the
following in-call options:
Phone Book: allows you to access the Phone Book
Mute/Quit: allows you to switch your phone's
microphone off, so that the other party cannot hear you.
Example: You wish to say something to another person
in the room but do not want the other party to hear you.
Silent/Quit: does not transmit the key tones. It allows
you to press keys without hearing annoying key tones
during a call.
Send Tel #: Sends the telephone number to the other
My Phone #: shows your phone number.
SEND: Sends the DTMF..
Call Functions