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Operation - Siemens PSX-12 Installation Instructions Manual

12 amp power supply extender for nccnt wan
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Terminal Blocks,
Controls and Indicators
Siemens Industry, Inc.
Building Technologies Division
Both output terminals have current measurement capability
Auto resettable current protection circuits for overload and short circuit
Access to CC-5 System bus
Communicates via HNET protocol
The PSX-12 occupies one network address in the HNET network and has three functional
components: the Controller, the Power Supply Extender and the Interface Board.
The Controller monitors the status of the Power Supply Extender (loss of network
communication, 24VDC terminal overload and the status of the battery).
The Power Supply Extender has an Off-line switch mode power converter and power
factor correction circuit to improve conductive RF emission at low frequency. It is
designed to take voltage inputs of 120VAC-240VAC at 50Hz/60Hz and has one
resettable circuit breaker that can also be used as a battery power switch.
The Interface Board provides diagnostics LEDs, system connections and the terminal
connections on the PSX-12.
The PSX-12 has one reset switch, six LEDs, three address switches, one circuit
breaker, two terminal blocks, two terminal connections and two 60 pin flat ribbon
connections as shown in Figure 2.
A reset switch is located on the top of the front panel. Pushing the reset switch re-
initializes the PSX-12 operation.
The LEDs located at the top left of the module and are defined as follows:
24V 12A FAIL -
Normally ON. When illuminated, indicates
that the PSX-12 is powered from the AC
mains. When flashing, indicates that the
PSX-12 is powered from the battery.
Normally OFF . When illuminated indicates
that the module microprocessor has failed.
Normally OFF . Not used in this applica-
Normally OFF . When illuminated, indicates
that the HNET communication with the
PSX-12 has terminated and the card goes
to degrade mode (applicable only when
the card resides in the HNET network).
Normally OFF . When illuminated, indicates
that the 24VDC non-power limited output
has a trouble condition or the PSX-12 has
disconnected the 24VDC output due to
current overload or short circuit.
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