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Cutting Blades; General - Husqvarna K 770 Operator's Manual

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WARNING! A cutting blade may burst
and cause injury to the operator.
The cutting blade manufacturer issues
warnings and recommendations for the
use and proper care of the cutting blade.
Those warnings come with the cutting
blade. Read and follow all instructions
from the cutting blade manufacturer.
A cutting blade should be checked
before it is assembled on the saw and
frequently during use. Look for cracks,
lost segments (diamond blades) or
pieces broken off. Do not use a damaged
cutting blade.
Test the integrity of each new cutting
blade by running it at full throttle for
about 1 minute.
Cutting blades are available in two basic designs;
abrasive blades and diamond blades.
High-quality blades are often most economical. Lower
quality blades often have inferior cutting capacity and
a shorter service life, which results in a higher cost in
relation to the quantity of material that is cut.
Make sure that the right bushing is used for the cutting
blade to be fitted on the machine. See the instructions
under the heading Fitting the cutting blade.
Suitable cutting blades

Cutting blades

K 770
Abrasive blades Yes*
Diamond blades Yes
Toothed blades
Do not use
For more information, see the "Technical data" section.
*Without water
**See instructions under the heading "Toothed blades,
carbide tipped blades and emergency situations".
K 770 Rescue
Cutting blades for different materials
WARNING! Never use a cutting blade for
any other materials than what it was
intended to cut.
Never use a diamond blade to cut plastic
material. The heat produced during
cutting may melt the plastic and it can
stick to the cutting blade and cause a
Cutting metal generates sparks that may
cause fire. Do not use the machine near
ignitable substances or gases.
Follow the instructions supplied with the cutting blade
concerning the suitability of the blade for various
applications, or consult your dealer in case of doubts.
Concrete Metal
* Only specialty blades.
Hand held, high speed machines
WARNING! Never use a cutting blade
with a lower speed rating than that of the
power cutter. Only use cutting blades
that are in compliance with national or
regional standards, for example EN
13236 or EN 12413 or ANSI B7.1.
Many cutting blades that might fit this power cutter are
intended for stationary saws and have a lower speed
rating than is needed for this hand-held saw. Cutting
blades with a lower speed rating shall never be used
on this saw.
Husqvarna cutting blades are manufactured for high-
speed, portable power cutters.
Check that the blade is approved for the same or
higher speed according to the aproval plate of the
engine. Never use a cutting blade with a lower speed
rating than that of the power cutter.
Plastic Cast iron

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