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Motorola MBP87SN User Manual page 29

Smart air purifier
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The airflow that comes
out of the air outlet is
significantly weaker than
Why I heard excessive
noise during the device
The air purifier still
indicates that I need to
replace a filter; but I
already did.
Why is the night light
continuously blinking?
How to reset the filter
timer after replacing the
The UV lamp button has
been on continuously.
How to download the
App for Android™ and
iOS devices?
1) Please make sure nothing is blocking air
inlet and filtered air outlets.
2) Please check the filter condition and
replace it if necessary.
3) Please check if you have removed all
packaging .
4) The air quality sensor is wet. The humidity
level in your room is high and causes
condensation. Make sure that the air quality
sensor is clean and dry (see "Clean the air
quality sensor")
1) Please check and make sure parts are
firmly positioned in place.
2) Please check if you have removed all the
packaging material from the HEPA filter.
Perhaps you did not press the "Filter Change
Reminder Button"
Plug in the air purifier, press ON/OFF button
and press and hold the
button (control panel) for 5 seconds.
It's the reminder to clean the "air quality
sensor", see 7.3 'clean the air quality sensor'.
Under power on mode, long press the Filter
Change/Reset Button (control panel) for 5s,
the air quality indicator will blink as reminder,
and then continuously press another 3s to
finish resetting.
Please replace the UV lamp per the User's
Guide and hold the UV button (control panel)
for 5s to reset the system
- Open the Google Play on your Android™
- Select Search
- Type in "Hubble Connect for Smart


Table of Contents

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