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Philips FM20/30 Instructions For Use Manual Page 93

Release j.3 with software revision j.3x.xx patient monitoring.
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Battery LED
The possible battery LED status on the right side of the monitor is described in the table below.
Battery LED Colors
Red, flashing
Red, flashes intermittently
Battery Status on the Main Screen
Battery status information is permanently displayed on all screens. It shows the status of the battery,
with the battery power remaining, with an estimate of the monitoring time this represents.
Battery power gauge: This shows the remaining battery power. It is divided into sections, each
representing 20% of the total power. If three sections are filled, as in this example, this indicates that
60% battery power remains. If no data is available from the battery, a question mark is shown in the
Monitoring Time Available: Below the battery power gauge a time is displayed. This is the estimated
monitoring time available with the current battery power. Note that this time fluctuates depending on
the system load (the display brightness, the recorder configuration, and how many measurements you
carry out).
Battery malfunction symbols: Normal battery function is indicated by the battery power gauge,
together with the remaining operating time, on the main screen. You are informed of problems or
changes in the status of the battery by the battery status/malfunction indicator. This consists of a blank
battery gauge containing a "!" symbol. If the symbol is red, this indicates a critical situation. You can
If the monitor is connected to
mains power, this means
Battery power is > 90%
Battery charging (battery power
< 90%)
Battery or charger malfunction
4 FM20/30 Battery Option
If the monitor is running on
battery power, this means
Less than 10 minutes power
Battery malfunction


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