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Introduction; Who This Book Is For - Philips FM20/30 Instructions For Use Manual

Release j.3 with software revision j.3x.xx patient monitoring.
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Who this Book is For

This book is for trained healthcare professionals using the Avalon FM20, FM30, FM40, and FM50
fetal/maternal monitors, and the Avalon CL Transducer System. It describes how to set up and use the
monitor and transducers. Familiarize yourself with all instructions including warnings and cautions
before starting to monitor patients. Read and keep the Instructions for Use that come with any
accessories, as these contain important information about application, care, and cleaning that is not
repeated in this book.
If you have received this Instruction for Use because your fetal monitor has been upgraded to a newer
software version (J.3), be aware that the standards compliance information contained in the
Instructions for Use for (J.3) does not apply to your fetal monitor. Refer to your original Instructions
for Use for standards compliance information.
You should be:
Trained in the use of fetal heart rate (FHR) monitors.
Trained in the interpretation of FHR traces.
Familiar with using medical devices and with standard fetal monitoring procedures.
For information on how to configure and service the monitor, see the Configuration Guide and the
Service Guides, or contact your authorized service provider.
Your monitor may not have all of the features and options described in this guide. The exact
appearance of the monitor may differ slightly from that shown in the illustrations.
This guide may contain descriptions of functionality and features that are not implemented in the
equipment currently shipped to Japan and/or of products that are not currently sold in Japan due to
limitations and restrictions under the applicable local laws and regulations in Japan. Please contact your
local sales representative and/or Philips Customer Support for details.
In this guide:
A warning alerts you to a potential serious outcome, adverse event or safety hazard. Failure to
observe a warning may result in death or serious injury to the user or patient.
A caution alerts you to where special care is necessary for the safe and effective use of the
product. Failure to observe a caution may result in:
minor or moderate personal injury,
damage to the product or other property,
possibly in a remote risk of more serious injury.


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This manual is also suitable for:

Avalon clFm40/50

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