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Philips FM20/30 Instructions For Use Manual Page 85

Release j.3 with software revision j.3x.xx patient monitoring.
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About RF Signal Quality
Signal transmission can be disturbed if:
the patient is out of range of the receiving area.
there is interference from another, possibly stronger, RF signal (a broadcasting station, for
the patient is near material that absorbs electromagnetic waves (for example, metal-reinforced
concrete, elevator doors) or the base station is in an enclosed metal rack.
Pop-up Keys
Pop-Up Key
The fetal monitor issues messages to certain user interactions. For example if the CL SpO
picked up from the base station to activate it, the monitor displays the message
equipment label of the CL Pod.
CL Transducer Assignment
The CL transducers are assigned by simply docking them at the Avalon CL base station connected to
the patient's fetal monitor.
Since twins and triplets can be monitored with the Avalon CL base station, it can be delivered with up
to six CL transducers: one CL Toco
to four CL transducer can be assigned at one time to the Avalon CL base station. Four assigned
CL transducers enable monitoring combinations such as 1 CL Toco
transducers for monitoring triplets externally, or 1 CL Toco
1 CL ECG/IUP transducer for monitoring twins.
Three CL transducers can be docked and charged at the Avalon CL base station at a time. If a fourth
transducer should be assigned to the Avalon CL base station:
Remove first the three docked CL transducers from the base station and place them on the patient.
Then dock the remaining fourth transducer at the base station and wait until the LED of the
fourth transducer signals that it has communication with the base station.
Place the fourth CL transducer on the patient and check on the fetal monitor in the
window if the base station and the monitor have communication with all four transducers, and if
their numerics are displayed on the screen of the fetal monitor.
Selecting the
key deactivates and unassigns the selected active
transducer or CL Pod and removes it from the list. This key is disabled if no
active device is selected.
Selecting the
key pages the selected active CL transducer. This key is
disabled if no active device is selected.
MP, three CL US, and two CL ECG/IUP transducers. Only up
3 Basic Operation
cl SpO Added
MP transducer + 3 CL US
MP transducer + 2 CL US transducer +
Pod is
and the
Tele Info


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