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Philips FM20/30 Instructions For Use Manual Page 64

Release j.3 with software revision j.3x.xx patient monitoring.
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3 Basic Operation
Paper Guide FM40/FM50
The recorder in the FM40 and FM50 features a transparent paper guide which:
facilitates correct alignment of the paper, both during loading and while the recorder is running.
See "Loading Paper FM40/FM50" on page 73.
incorporates a tear-off edge, which not only allows you to tear off the trace paper where you like
(not necessarily at a fold), but also helps to avoid paper misalignment while doing so (see "Tearing
Off the Paper" on page 69).
is removable (see "Removing the Paper Guide: FM40/FM50" on page 241).
Switching the Recorder On and Off
In addition to the normal recording of real-time traces, you will sometimes see a trace recovery
printout from the monitor's internal backup memory at high speed when the recorder is started. For
details, see "Recovering Traces on Paper" on page 229.
For an explanation of the various symbols that can appear on the trace recording, see "Recorder
Specifications" on page 278.
To switch the recorder on, select in
The "recorder on" status indicator is displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen when you
switch on the recorder.
The paper advances quickly for 2 cm and then returns to the set speed. Whenever the recorder is
switched on, a trace header is printed vertically on the trace paper, containing the following:
Selftest: OK
the software revision and firmware revision
the serial number
the time
the date
patient name and medical record number (if entered)
the recorder speed
Main Setup
Start/ Stop
Start Recordng
: confirmation that the monitor's self-test completed successfully, and that it is ready to
the menu item
Fetal Recorder
, or press one of the


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