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Automatic Screen Layouts; Settings - Philips FM20/30 Instructions For Use Manual

Release j.3 with software revision j.3x.xx patient monitoring.
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3 Basic Operation
Configuration Mode
Service Mode
A field displayed at the fetal monitor screen indicates if the monitor is in Demonstration Mode,
Configuration Mode, or Service Mode. To change to a different mode, select this field.

Automatic Screen Layouts

Your monitor's preconfigured screen layouts define how measurement information is arranged on the
screen. The monitor automatically applies the correct screen layout for the measurements you are
monitoring. No user action is required.
Connecting or disconnecting transducers, or switching the noninvasive blood pressure measurement
on or off, results in an automatic adjustment of the screen layout. When a measurement is off, its
numerics are removed from the monitor's screen. The monitor stops acquiring data and generating
alarms for this measurement. If you disconnect a transducer while it is performing a measurement, the
monitor issues a disconnect INOP (and in the case of SpO
question mark).


This section describes the various settings available on the monitor.
Active Settings
What the monitor displays, and the way it operates, is controlled by its settings. They determine sound
volume settings, recorder settings, high and low alarm limits and so forth.
The "active settings" are the current settings the monitor uses, including any adjustments made by the
last user. Active settings are not permanent, but are retained after a loss of mains power.
There are also two preconfigured default settings:
User Default
Factory Default
The Configuration Mode is for personnel trained in
configuration tasks. You can change and store the default
values and patient profiles permanently in the
Configuration Mode. These tasks are described in the
Configuration Guide. During installation, the fetal
monitor is configured for use in your environment. This
configuration defines the default settings you work with
when you switch on the fetal monitor.
The Service Mode is for trained and authorized service
personnel only.
, replaces the measurement numeric with a


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