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Philips FM20/30 Instructions For Use Manual Page 43

Release j.3 with software revision j.3x.xx patient monitoring.
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CL Transducer Battery
Battery replacement is recommended after 500 charge/discharge cycles, or if the battery is older than
4 years whatever is reached first. If the battery of a cableless transducer has aged and an exchange of
the battery is highly recommended, a prompt message is displayed at the fetal monitor for ca.
60 seconds. The prompt is repeated whenever the
Depending on the transducer type the following messages are displayed:
cl US battery has aged. Replacement strongly recommended
cl Toco battery has aged. Replacement strongly recommended
cl ECG/IUP batt has aged. Replacement strongly recommended
If you are getting this message contact your service personnel so they can replace the CL transducer's
The date of manufacture and number of charge/discharge cycles can be viewed on the connected fetal
For battery charge/discharge cycles specification of the CL Pods (NBP and SpO
Guide of the Cableless Measurements.
Charge Cycle
The CL transducer batteries are designed for frequent recharging. A complete charging cycle is only
reached and counted, when all recharging periods equal a 100% charge (900 mAh equal 8 hours
continued operation).
Audio Signal CL Transducers
The Avalon CL transducers have two audio signals:
If an ascending tone sequence is played three times, the transducer was triggered by the fetal
monitor to page the patient wearing it, or to locate a not docked transducer.
An INOP tone indicates that the transducer has detected a technical problem (INOP). Check your
fetal monitor for a related INOP message.
window is opened until the battery is
Tele Info
3 Basic Operation
) refer to the Service


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