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Philips FM20/30 Instructions For Use Manual Page 291

Release j.3 with software revision j.3x.xx patient monitoring.
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ECG electrodes: NEVER allow ECG electrodes to contact other electrical conductive parts,
including earth.
Monitoring After a Loss of Power
If the monitor is without power for less than one minute, monitoring will resume with all active
settings unchanged. If the monitor is without power for more than one minute, the behavior depends
on your configuration. If
restored. If
48 hours. The
When power is lost - no power is available from the AC power source, or from the battery - a beeper
FM20/30 with
will sound. The tone can be silenced by pressing the On/Standby button.
ESU, MRI and Defibrillation
The fetal/maternal monitors are NOT intended for use during defibrillation, electro-surgery, or MRI.
Remove all transducers, sensors, and accessories before performing electro-surgery, defibrillation, or
MRI, otherwise harm to the patient or the user can result.
Cardiac Pacemakers and Electrical Stimulators
The fetal/maternal monitors are not intended for use for ECG measurements on patients connected
to external electrical stimulator, or with cardiac pacemakers.
Fast Transients/Bursts
The equipment will return to the previous operating mode within 10 seconds without loss of any
stored data.
Symbols on the System
This caution/warning symbol
indicates that you should consult
the Instructions for Use (this
document), and particularly any
warning messages.
Automat. Default
is set to
Automat. Default
setting is made in Configuration Mode.
Automat. Default
28 Specifications and Standards Compliance
is set to
, the
User Defaults
, all active settings are retained, if power is restored within
will be loaded when power is
Connection direction indicator
FM20/FM30 with battery option


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