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Maintenance Task And Test Schedule; Recorder Maintenance - Philips FM20/30 Instructions For Use Manual

Release j.3 with software revision j.3x.xx patient monitoring.
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Maintenance Task and Test Schedule

The following tasks are for Philips-qualified service professionals. All maintenance tasks and
performance tests are documented in detail in the service documentation supplied on the monitor's
documentation DVD.
Ensure that these tasks are carried out as indicated by the monitor's maintenance schedule, or as
specified by local laws, whichever comes sooner. Contact a Philips-qualified service professionals if
your monitor needs a safety or performance test. Clean and disinfect equipment to decontaminate it
before testing or maintaining it.
Maintenance and Test Schedule
Visual Inspection
Clean and disinfect the equipment
Safety checks according to IEC 60601-1,
and where applicable, to national
Performance assurance for all
Noninvasive blood pressure calibration
Tympanic Thermometer Calibration
Clean the thermal printhead

Recorder Maintenance

Removing the Paper Guide: FM40/FM50
The paper guide is removable, and you can use the recorder without it. When not using the paper
guide, ALWAYS tear off the paper along the perforation to avoid possible paper misalignment (see
"Tearing Off the Paper" on page 69).
Before each use.
After each use.
At least once every two years, or as specified by local
After any repairs where the power supply has been
replaced (by an authorized service professional).
If the monitor has been dropped, it must be repaired/
checked by an authorized service agent.
At least once every two years, or if you suspect the
measurement values are incorrect.
At least once every two years, or as specified by local
Once a year.
If the unit is dropped or damaged, or if the unit was
stored at less than -25ºC or above 55ºC, check it and
calibrate it before further use.
At each paper pack change, or every 500 m of paper run.
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