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Cleaning And Disinfecting - Philips FM20/30 Instructions For Use Manual

Release j.3 with software revision j.3x.xx patient monitoring.
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25 Care and Cleaning
Place the monitor where there is no chance of contact with, or falling into water or other liquid.
Do not dry equipment using heating devices such as heaters, ovens (including microwave ovens),
hair dryers, and heating lamps.
Do not put equipment or accessories in autoclave (for sterilization).

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Clean and disinfect the Avalon FM20, FM30, FM40, and FM50 fetal monitors and the transducers
M2734A, M2734B, M2735A, M2736A, and M2738A (including ECG adapter cables) and the
Avalon CL base station and the cableless transducers after each use. Clean equipment before
disinfecting. For other accessories, see "Cleaning and Disinfecting Monitoring Accessories" on
page 235.
Clean with a lint-free cloth, moistened with warm water (40°C/104°F maximum) and soap, a diluted
non-caustic detergent, tenside, or phosphate based cleaning agent. Do not use strong solvents such as
acetone or trichloroethylene. After cleaning, disinfect using only the approved disinfecting agents listed
(see "Recommended Disinfectants" on page 234).
Solutions: Do not mix disinfecting solutions (such as bleach and ammonia) as hazardous gases may
Skin contact: To reduce the risk of skin irritations, do not allow a cleaning or disinfecting agent to
leave residues on any of the equipment surfaces - wipe it off with a cloth dampened with water, after
allowing the appropriate time for the agent to work. Follow the safety instructions of the used cleaning
or disinfection agent, especially regarding skin contact.
Hospital policy: Disinfect the product as determined by your hospital's policy, to avoid long term
damage to the product.
Local requirements: Observe local laws governing the use of disinfecting agents.
Touch display: To clean and disinfect the touch-enabled display, disable the touch operation by
switching off the monitor during the cleaning procedure, or by selecting and holding the
key until the padlock symbol appears on it, indicating that touch operation is disabled. Select and hold
again to re-enable touch operation.
Take extra care when cleaning the screen of the monitor, because it is more sensitive to rough cleaning
methods than the housing. Do not permit any liquid to enter the monitor case and avoid pouring it on
the monitor while cleaning. Do not allow water or cleaning solution to enter the measurement
connectors. Wipe around and not over connector sockets, or those of the Toco
transducer, ECG and IUP Patient Modules, CL ECG/IUP transducer and adapter cables.
Wash soiled reusable belts with soap and water. Water temperature must not exceed 60°C/140°F.
Recommended Disinfectants
We recommend that you use one of the following disinfectants:
Product Name
Product Type
Isopropanol 80%
Main Screen
, CL Toco


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