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Pulse Rate From Toco Mp - Philips FM20/30 Instructions For Use Manual

Release j.3 with software revision j.3x.xx patient monitoring.
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MECG Leads Off
Numeric is displayed with
a -?- for 10 seconds;
INOP tone
See also "Patient Alarms
and INOPs" on page 113
prints repeatedly
displayed Equipment malfunctions
MECG Equip Malf
MECG Unplugged
Printing the Waveform
You can print the MECG wave onto the trace paper. Refer to "Printing the ECG Waveform" on
page 223.

Pulse Rate from Toco MP

The maternal pulse is taken from the Toco MP or CL Toco
measurements are not used or have signal loss. When the pulse rate is very low, or strong arrhythmia is
present, the pulse rate measured by the Toco MP or CL Toco
heart rate calculated from MECG. If the mother is moving about, or began pressing during the second
stage of labor, this can cause longer gaps in the recording of the maternal pulse signal. In this case use
the SpO
No alarm is possible when Toco MP or CL Toco
No QRS tone is audible when Toco MP or CL Toco
The Toco MP or CL Toco
and moving about, or is pushing during the second stage of labor.
In rare cases it is possible to pick up a fetal signal source. When a Toco MP or CL Toco
transducer is connected to the monitor, but not applied to the patient, the measurement may generate
unexpected intermittent pulse readings.
Possible Causes
One or more MECG leads is not
Bad electrical contact
Electrodes defective
The ultrasound transducer is
measuring maternal pulse
Equipment not connected
or MECG measurement to derive the maternal heart rate.
21 Monitoring Maternal Heart / Pulse Rate
Make sure that all required leads are attached
If the wave is configured to be displayed on the
monitor, you can observe if the ECG signal is
clear, or if it shows interruptions and noise
Check positioning of the electrode, ensuring that
none are displaced
Check electrodes and replace if necessary
Reposition the ultrasound transducer. See
"Recommended Actions for Coincidence
INOP" on page 140
See "Patient Alarms and INOPs" on page 113
MP transducer is the source of the pulse rate.
MP transducer signal is significantly less reliable, if the patient is up
MP transducer when SpO
MP transducer may differ from the
MP transducer is the source of the pulse


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