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Philips FM20/30 Instructions For Use Manual Page 20

Release j.3 with software revision j.3x.xx patient monitoring.
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2 What's New
Support For Use of Maternal Cableless Measurement Devices
The IntelliVue CL measurement Pods are patient-worn, battery-powered measurement devices for
and NBP. The devices provide measurement values on the built-in display and communicate
them to the fetal monitor using the wireless short range radio (SRR) interface of the Avalon CL base
station (see "CL Pods" on page 44).
Maternal Temperature Measurement
To measure maternal temperature, the new optional Tympanic thermometer (866149) is available for
the Avalon fetal monitors ("Monitoring Maternal Temperature" on page 201). The measurement data
documented and printed out at the local recorder, and transmitted to the obstetrical information
and surveillance system.
displayed as a numeric on the screen.
Manually Entered Maternal Temperature Measurements
Manually measured temperatures can be entered at the fetal monitor and stored in the database. They
are also displayed as a numeric on screen, and are printed out on the recorder trace ("Monitoring
Maternal Temperature" on page 201).
SpO2 Recordings and Transmissions
annotation on local recorder
You can now configure the interval for printing the SpO
the new configuration setting
transmission to an obstetrical information and surveillance system
You can now configure the interval for transmitting the SpO
information and surveillance system. With the new configuration setting
interval to 1 or 5 minutes.
New Design for the User Interface
The user interface for the fetal monitors has been redesigned to bring the presented information into
the foreground, letting the structural elements such as keys and frames retreat into the background.
Additionally special regard was given to making the "look and feel" similar to that of standard software
products (see "Operating and Navigating" on page 46).
New SmartKeys
With the
With the
connected Avalon CL base station.
With the
manually measured maternal temperature values.
Record on Trace
SmartKey and menu item is renamed to
Start ECG
SmartKey you can now page patients who are ambulating wearing Avalon CL
Call Patient
SmartKey you can call up the
Tele Info
window you can control and view the status of the cableless transducers from the
Tele Info
SmartKey a pop-up window opens showing a numeric pad for entering
Enter Temp
numeric values on the recorder trace. With
, you can set the interval to 1 or 5 minutes.
numeric values to an obstetrical
Record ECG
window on the fetal monitor display. In
Tele Info
, you can set the
Send to OB Sys


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