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Philips FM20/30 Instructions For Use Manual Page 196

Release j.3 with software revision j.3x.xx patient monitoring.
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18 Monitoring Noninvasive Blood Pressure
Depending on the numeric size, not all elements may be visible. Your monitor may be configured to
display only the systolic and diastolic values. If configured to do so, the pulse from NBP will display
with the NBP numeric.
Aging Numerics
The measured NBP value, together with the corresponding pulse rate if this is switched on, will be
displayed for one hour. After that the values are regarded as invalid and are no longer displayed.
During this time, measurement values may be grayed out, or disappear from the screen after a set time,
if configured to do so. This avoids older numerics being misinterpreted as current data. The time can
be set in Configuration Mode. In
be replaced by new measurement values), if the repeat time is set to less than one hour.
Alarm Sources
If you have parallel alarm sources, the sources are displayed instead of the alarm limits.
NBP Measurement Timestamp
Depending on your configuration, the time shown beside the NBP numeric can be:
The NBP timestamp will normally show the completion time of the NBP measurement.
NBP Measurement Start Time
measurement series to an "easy-to-document" time. For example, if you start the first measurement at
08:23, and the
at 8:30, then 8:40 and so on, unless it has been configured to
During Measurements
The cuff pressure is displayed instead of the units and the repeat time. An early systolic value gives you
a preliminary indication of the systolic blood pressure during measurement.
the time of the most recent NBP measurement, also known as the "timestamp", or
the time until the next measurement in an automatic series, displayed with a graphic
representation of the remaining time, as shown here.
mode the monitor is configured to synchronize the measurements in a
is set to
Repeat Time
Mode the measurement values may disappear more quickly (to
, the monitor automatically performs the next measurement
10 min


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