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Preparing To Measure Noninvasive Blood Pressure - Philips FM20/30 Instructions For Use Manual

Release j.3 with software revision j.3x.xx patient monitoring.
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18 Monitoring Noninvasive Blood Pressure
Measurement Limitations
NBP readings can be affected by the position of the subject, their physiological condition, the
measurement site, and physical exercise. Thus a physician must determine the clinical significance of
the NBP information.
The measurement may be inaccurate or impossible:
with excessive and continuous patient movement such as during contractions
if a regular arterial pressure pulse is hard to detect
with cardiac arrhythmias
with rapid blood pressure changes
with severe shock or hypothermia that reduces blood flow to the peripheries
with obesity, where a thick layer of fat surrounding a limb dampens the oscillations coming from
the artery
on an edematous extremity
Measurement Methods
There are three measurement methods:
can make a manual measurement between two measurements in Auto Mode.
measurements and intervals between them configurable for each cycle.
Reference Method
The measurement reference method can be Auscultatory (manual cuff) or Invasive (intra-arterial). For
further information, see the Application Note supplied on the monitor documentation DVD.
To check the current setting, select
setting is set to

Preparing to Measure Noninvasive Blood Pressure

If possible, avoid taking measurements during contractions, because the measurement may be
unreliable, and may cause additional stress for the patient.
Connect the cuff to the air tubing.
Plug the air tubing into the red NBP connector. Avoid compression or restriction of pressure
tubes. Air must pass unrestricted through the tubing.
Kinked or otherwise restricted tubing can lead to a continuous cuff pressure, causing blood flow
interference, and potentially resulting in injury to the patient.
- measurement on demand. Results are displayed for up to one hour.
- continually repeated measurements (between one and 120 minute adjustable interval). You
- up to four measurement cycles which will run consecutively, with a number of
Main Setup
. This setting can be changed in Configuration Mode.
, and check whether the


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