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What's New; What's New In Release J.3 - Philips FM20/30 Instructions For Use Manual

Release j.3 with software revision j.3x.xx patient monitoring.
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What's New

This section lists the most important new features and improvements to the fetal monitors and their
user interface introduced with Release J.3.
You may not have all of these features, depending on the fetal monitor configuration purchased.

What's New in Release J.3

Avalon CL Transducer System
The Avalon CL Transducer System provides cableless monitoring with the Avalon FM20/FM30 and
FM40/FM50 with the same functionality and performance as the wired measurement devices (e.g.
twin and triplets monitoring). The Avalon CL Transducer System has a straight-forward handling and
operating concept. The CL transducers are assigned by simply docking them at the CL base station, no
further configuration is necessary.
The Avalon CL Transducer System includes the following features:
Cableless monitoring of twins and triplets (see "Monitoring Twin FHRs" on page 159 and
"Monitoring Triple FHRs" on page 167)
Cableless maternal measurement Pods CL SpO
Maternal pulse from a CL Toco
Pulse Rate" on page 213)
A cableless ECG/IUP transducer measuring IUP or fetal/maternal ECG (see "Monitoring
MECG Wave" on page 217 and "Monitoring FHR Using DECG" on page 183)
Watertight cableless transducers that can be used to monitor in water (see "Underwater
Monitoring" on page 87)
Patient call that pages an ambulating mother with an audible signal emitted by the worn CL
transducers (see "Calling Patients" on page 87)
Out-of-range audible signal emitted by the worn CL transducers to inform an ambulating mother
that she has reached the limit of the active signal area-of-reach (see "Radio Range of CL
Transducers" on page 40)
A transducer finder LED on all CL transducers to help identify the assigned transducer (see
"Cableless Transducer LED Indication" on page 42
and CL NBP (see "CL Pods" on page 44)
MP (Smart Pulse) transducer (see "Monitoring Maternal Heart /


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