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Philips FM20/30 Instructions For Use Manual Page 15

Release j.3 with software revision j.3x.xx patient monitoring.
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Use Environment
Explosion Hazard:
Do not use in the presence of flammable anesthetics, such as a flammable anesthetic mixture with
air, oxygen, nitrous oxide, or in oxygen rich environment. Use of the devices in such an
environment may present an explosion hazard.
Use only Philips batteries part number M4605A with the FM20 or FM30 with battery option. Use
of a different battery may present a risk of fire or explosion.
Environmental Specifications:
The performance specifications for the monitors, measurements, and accessories apply only for
use within the temperature, humidity, and altitude ranges specified in "Environmental
Specifications" on page 261.
Liquid Ingress:
Do not operate the monitor if it is wet. If you spill liquid on the monitor, contact your service
personnel, or Philips service engineer.
Never immerse the fetal monitor or the CL base station in liquid. You must protect them against
water sprays or splashes. Place the fetal monitor and the CL base station where there is no chance
of contact with, or falling into water or other liquids.
Do not perform underwater monitoring (for example, in a bath or shower) using wired
Heat Exposure:
Do not dry equipment using heating devices such as heaters, ovens (including microwave ovens),
hair dryers, and heating lamps.
Do not put equipment or accessories in autoclave (for sterilization).
Positioning Equipment:
The device should not be used adjacent to, or stacked with, other equipment unless otherwise
Prohibited Environments:
The monitors are not intended for use in an MRI environment or in an oxygen-enriched
environment (for example, hyperbaric chambers).
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