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Philips FM20/30 Instructions For Use Manual Page 143

Release j.3 with software revision j.3x.xx patient monitoring.
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Never use ultrasound transducers connected to more than one fetal monitor on the same patient.
When using an Avalon CL or Avalon CTS you should be aware that FMP is not recommended
when the mother is likely to move, and you should disable Fetal Movement Profile (FMP) on the
fetal monitor (
Fetal Movement Off
page 147.
With the Avalon CL Transducer System you can now monitor twins and triplets with cableless
transducers. The Avalon CTS System does not have this option.
The wireless symbol appears next to the measurement label, indicating that the measurement is being
made by a cableless transducer.
Ensure that the conductive parts of the fetal scalp electrode and the maternal leg plate electrode do
not contact other conductive parts, including earth.
Indication of the heart-rate may be adversely affected by the operation of cardiac pacemaker pulses
or by cardiac arrhythmias.
During ambulant FHR monitoring, the chance of losing the signal or detecting the maternal heart
rate is higher than during stationary monitoring. The frequency of the patient's walk may be
detected, and mistaken for a FHR signal.
Check the mother's pulse periodically during monitoring and compare this with the FHR signal.
Beware of mistaking a "doubled" maternal heart rate for FHR. If a fetus is dead, there is a risk that
the maternal heart rate is monitored and misinterpreted as the fetal heart rate. Therefore, the
simultaneous monitoring of maternal heart rate (preferably, the maternal ECG) and the fetal heart
rate is encouraged.
Do not interpret maternal movements as fetal movements.
Artifacts: FMP artifacts are generated during fetal heart rate searching by changing the transducer
position, therefore the fetal monitors enable the FMP only after detecting a valid heart rate signal
for several seconds. FMP is not recommended when the mother is likely to move, and you should
disable Fetal Movement Profile (FMP) at the fetal monitor (
11 Monitoring FHR and FMP Using Ultrasound
) if the mother is walking. See also "Fetal Movement Profile" on
Toco parameter
) if the mother is
Fetal Movement Off


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