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Nst Report Status Window - Philips FM20/30 Instructions For Use Manual

Release j.3 with software revision j.3x.xx patient monitoring.
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9 Non-Stress Test Report
Average short term variability (STV) value is documented in [bpm] and [ms] if STV is configured as
part of the NST Report. This parameter is not considered as reassuring criteria.

NST Report Status Window

NST Report
ultrasound fetal heart rate measurement. You can see:
NST Status - whether it is ready, ongoing, or the time and date at which it was stopped, or at which
it was finished.
Elapsed time - the time that has elapsed since the NST began.
Accelerations - the number of FHR accelerations detected so far.
Baseline - the average baseline value.
Variability - the average variability value.
Short Term Variability - the current short term variability (STV) value.
Decelerations - the number of FHR decelerations detected so far.
FHR Availability - current statistical FHR availability value.
Sinusoidal - the current status of sinusoidal rhythm detection.
For criteria not yet met, a white arrow symbol marks the overall status on the top line, and also appears
against every criterion not yet met. A yellow symbol indicates detection of severe or prolonged
The pop-up keys let you perform the following actions:
Record Report
Record Trace
usage, the trace recording might be incomplete.
Example NST Report
Report Title, with FHR label
and date
Product Information
Patient Information
- press the
Record Report
- report is recorded as soon as recorder becomes idle.
After Recorder Stop
- if a realtime recording is running, the monitor pauses it. The recording is
continued after the report has been recorded.
window displays a detailed overview of the current NST status for any available
- switch to the window showing the current NST status for the fetal heart rate.
- print the NST Report on paper.
- record the trace episode that belongs to the current report. Depending on device
- open the
Setup NST Report
Field Content
NST Report for FHR1 on 12 Oct. 2009
Product DE53102345 G.01.70, OB A.04.24,
Toco DE52401090, FHR1 DE00002345 A.05.26
Rogers, Alice
Gestational Age:
pop-up key to trigger a manual request.
: 27


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