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Philips FM20/30 Instructions For Use Manual Page 13

Release j.3 with software revision j.3x.xx patient monitoring.
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Avalon Fetal/Maternal Monitor FM50
Indicated for use by trained health care professionals whenever there is a need for monitoring the
physiological parameters uterine activity, heart rate, electrocardiography (ECG), oxygen saturation,
noninvasive blood pressure, and pulse rate, and temperature of pregnant women, and the fetal heart
rates of single fetuses, twins, and triplets in labor and delivery rooms and in antepartum testing areas.
Safety Information
In this guide:
A warning alerts you to a potential serious outcome, adverse event or safety hazard. Failure to
observe a warning may result in death or serious injury to the user or patient.
A caution alerts you to where special care is necessary for the safe and effective use of the product.
Failure to observe a caution may result in minor or moderate personal injury or damage to the
product or other property, and possibly in a remote risk of more serious injury.
Electrical Hazards
Electrical shock hazard: Do not open the monitor housing. Refer all servicing to qualified service
Always use the supplied power cord with the earthed mains plug to connect to an earthed AC
mains socket. Never adapt the mains plug from the fetal monitor to fit an unearthed AC mains
Do not use AC mains extension cords or multiple portable socket-outlets.
FM20/FM30 only: The protective earth conductor is required for EMC purposes. It has no
protective function against electric shock. Double and/or reinforced insulation protects this
device against electric shock.
Do not connect any devices that are not supported as part of a system.
Any non-medical device placed and operated in the patient's vicinity must be powered with an
approved isolation transformer that ensures mechanical fixing of the power cords, and covering of
any unused power outlets.
The fetal/maternal monitor is NOT intended for use during defibrillation, electro-surgery, or
MRI. Remove all transducers, sensors, and accessories before performing electro-surgery,
defibrillation, or MRI, otherwise harm to the patient or the user can result.
Do not touch the charging contacts for the cableless transducers at the Avalon CL base station
while you are touching the patient.
Leakage currents: If several items of equipment used to monitor a patient are interconnected, the
resulting leakage current may exceed allowable limits.
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