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Introducing The Avalon Family Of Fetal Monitors - Philips FM20/30 Instructions For Use Manual

Release j.3 with software revision j.3x.xx patient monitoring.
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Movement of the ultrasound transducer.
The ultrasound transducer detecting a maternal movement source, such as the mother coughing.
See also "Monitoring FHR and FMP Using Ultrasound" on page 141 and "Monitoring FHR Using
DECG" on page 183.
To reduce the possibility of mistaking the MHR for an FHR, it is recommended that you monitor both
maternal and fetal heart rates. The monitor's cross-channel verification (CCV) feature can help by
automatically detecting when an MHR coincides with an FHR. For further details, see "Cross-Channel
Verification (CCV)" on page 135.

Introducing the Avalon Family of Fetal Monitors

The Avalon family of fetal monitors consists of the Avalon FM20, FM30, FM40, and FM50. While the
FM20/FM30 and the FM40/FM50 have different form factors, the method of operation is very
similar for all monitors. The Avalon fetal monitors also share transducers, accessories, software, and
are compatible with the Avalon CL, and Avalon CTS Fetal Transducer Systems.
Intended Use
The Philips Avalon FM20 (M2702A), FM30 (M2703A), FM40 (M2704A), and FM50 (M2705A) fetal/
maternal monitors are intended for:
noninvasive monitoring of fetal heart rates and movements.
noninvasive monitoring of maternal heart rates, maternal pulse rates, uterine activity, maternal
noninvasive blood pressure, maternal oxygen saturation, and maternal temperature.
invasive monitoring of direct fetal heart rate, intrauterine pressure, and for displaying and
recording of fetal and maternal electrocardiogram (ECG) (FM30 and FM50 only).
displaying, storing, and recording patient data and parameter values, and for generating alarms
from fetal and maternal parameters.
transmitting patient data and parameter values to a patient information and surveillance system.
use by trained health care professionals.
use in antepartum testing areas, in labor and delivery rooms, and during postpartum recovery in
the hospital environment. They are not intended for use in intensive care units or operating rooms.
monitoring in a bath or shower (Avalon CL cableless transducers Toco
ECG/IUP only).
transport situations in healthcare facilities, for healthcare facilities outside hospitals, such as
doctors' offices, and for use in private households (FM20 and FM30 only).
1 Introduction
MP, Ultrasound, and


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