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Removal Of The Ethernet Board - Mitsubishi Electric A800-E Instruction Manual

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Removal of the Ethernet board

The option connector 2 is not available for use because the Ethernet board is installed in the initial status. The Ethernet board
must be removed as follows to install a plug-in option to the option connector 2.
(However, Ethernet communication is disabled in that case.)
(1) Remove the inverter front cover. (For details on how to remove the front cover, refer to Chapter 2 of the inverter's
Instruction Manual (Detailed).)
(2) Remove the three mounting screws to remove the Ethernet board earth plate and the Ethernet board.
• For reinstalling the Ethernet board to the inverter, remove the plug-in option installed to the option connector 2 and install the
Ethernet board and its earth plate in the reverse order.
• Remove the Ethernet board on the FR-A800-E inverter to install the FR-A8NS and FR-A8AP/FR-A8AL for the SSCNET III(/
H) communication.
Ethernet board earth plate
Removal of the Ethernet board

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