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Ethernet Cable Wiring Precautions - Mitsubishi Electric A800-E Instruction Manual

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Ethernet cable wiring precautions

Ethernet cable wiring precautions
This section explains Ethernet cable connection and the relevant precautions.
Handling of the Ethernet cable
• Do not touch the conductors of the cable or the connector on the inverter. Keep the conductors free of dust or dirt. Handling
the conductors with oily hands or dust/dirt adhesion to the conductors may cause transmission losses and impair normal
data link operation.
• Check the Ethernet cable for the following points before use.
• The cable is not broken.
• The cable does not have a short circuit.
• The connector is properly installed.
• Do not use an Ethernet cable with a broken latch. Doing so may cause the cable to come off or malfunction.
• Do not connect the Ethernet cable to the PU connector. The product could be damaged due to differences in electrical
• The maximum distance between stations is specified as 100 m. However, the maximum distance may be shorter
depending on the environment. For details of the cable, contact your cable manufacturer.
Connecting and disconnecting of the Ethernet cable
Hold the cable connector when connecting and disconnecting the Ethernet cable. Pulling a cable connected to the inverter
may damage the inverter or cable, or result in malfunction due to poor contact.
Network configuration
Check the network configuration before wiring, and perform correct wiring.

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