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Door Accessibility; Lint Filter Accessibility; Moisture Sensor Accessibility - Electrolux EFME617SIW Service Manual

Front load electric and gas dryers
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Open the Door of Dryer (See Figures below).
After opening the Door, you can access the following
Lint Filter
2. Moisture Sensor

9.1 Lint Filter Accessibility

Lift the Lint Filter as shown direction (See Figure) and
take it out from the Dryer.

9.2 Moisture Sensor Accessibility

Step: 1
Remove the screws (See Fig. 1) and lift the Lint Grill
(See Fig. 2).
Step: 2
Remove the connector from the Moisture Sensor
(See Fig. 3), take out the Lint Grill from the Drum
(See Fig. 4) and depress the Sensor tabs to take the
Moisture Sensor out from the Lint Grill (See Fig. 5).
Lint Filter

9. Door Accessibility

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