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Gpio Summary; Requirements; Operating System Programming Procedure - NEC C751Q Setup Manual

Large-screen displays raspberry pi compute module
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GPIO Summary

GPIO 14 & 15 (UART0 TX & RX) – internal serial connection to the display
GPIO 18 – demodulated IR receiver from the display
GPIO 23 – shutdown signal (goes low to signal shutdown)


Compatible NEC display
o C751Q
o C861Q
o C981Q
NEC Compute Module Interface board
o DS1-IF10CE
Raspberry Pi Compute Module
o 16 GB NEC Edition – (RPi3CM16G)
o 4 GB Standard module – (Version 1 or 3)
Internet connection
LAN hub and cables
Standard USB 2.0 cable
Host PC running either Windows or Ubuntu, or a standard Raspberry Pi 1 / 2 / 3 running
Raspbian OS
USB keyboard and mouse for connecting to the display (recommended)
Operating system
Software configuration tools (see following sections)

Operating System Programming Procedure

The custom 16GB Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 NEC Edition is pre-programmed with the Raspbian
full Operating System and will boot without needing to be programmed; standard Compute Modules aren't
programmed with an Operating System by default.
The OS can be installed after placing the display in the special "USB Boot Mode" function. This allows the
Compute Module to appear as a USB device to another "host" PC or Raspberry Pi. The Operating
System is then imaged, or "flashed", from the host to the Compute Module over USB. After the OS is
imaged successfully, any necessary configuration options can be made and the Compute Module can be
restarted in normal boot mode.
The "host" can be a PC running Windows® or Linux®, or a standard Raspberry Pi 1, 2, or 3 with
Raspbian OS. If using a Linux based PC or Raspberry Pi as a host, a small utility will need to be
downloaded and compiled on the host.
The Compute Module will not display video until it has been programmed with a
compatible Operating System. No boot or POST screen is shown unless a valid OS is installed.
©2018 NEC Display Solutions, Ltd.
o P404
o P754Q
o P484
o V404
o P554
o V484
o V554
o V554-T
o V404-T
o V754Q
o V484-T
o V864Q
o V984Q
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