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Oven Cooking - Kenmore 45520 Use, Care, Safety Manual

Sears microwave oven user manual
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When cooking a food for the first time In your new
oven, use time given on recipes as a guide.
Your new oven has been set correctly at the factory
and Is more apt to be accurate than the oven It
After you have USed your oven for awhile, If you feel
your oven should be hotter or cooler, you can adjust
it yourself.
In this manual.
Always follow recipe carefully.
Measure Ingredients properly.
Use proper pan placement.
Place pans on the oven racks with 1" to I 1/2" of air
space on all sides of each pan. Avoid overcrowding
the oven.
Pans too close to each other, to oven walls or to the
oven bottom block the free movement of air.
proper air movement causes uneven browning and
Cakes, cooklse, muffins, and quick breads should
be baked In shiny pans -- to reflect the heat
because they should
have a fight golden crust.
Yeast breads and pie crusts should be baked In
glass or dull (non-shiny) pans--to
absorb the heat
m because they should have a brown, crisp crust.
Be sure the underside
of the pan Is shiny, too.
Darkened undersides will absorb the heat and may
cause over-browning
on the bottom of your food.
2 cake layers
4 cake layers
When baking several Items stagger pans so that no
pan Is directly above another.
Let the oven preheat thoroughly
baked products.
Listen for preheat notification tons
and put the food In the oven.
Opening the door too often to check food during
baking will allow heat loss and may cause poor
baking results.
Oven temperatures
should be reduced 25 degrees
below recommended temperatures If exterior of pan
Is predarkened,
by age or oven proof
There may be some odorwhen the oven Is first used.
This Is caused by the heating of new parts and
Do not cover an entire oven rack with foil. The foil
can block normal heat flew and cause poor baking
results. Do not place any foil directly abovethe bake
Foil used on the oven bottom under the
element may damage the oven surface; therefore, It
should not be used.
should be baked on flat cookie sheets
without sides to allow the air to circulate properly.
When recipes require preheating, have food nearby
before you open the oven door. If the oven door is
allowed to remain open for more than a brief time,
the preheat temperature will be lost.



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