Safety Precautions For Lithium Batteries - Honeywell 8670 Quick Start Manual

8-bay battery charger
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Safety Precautions for Lithium Batteries

• Batteries should be stored, charging contact side up, in a cool
dry place, protected from weather and airborne debris,
whenever possible.
• Do not place batteries in fire or heat the batteries.
• Do not store batteries near fire or other high temperature
• Do not store or carry batteries together with metal objects.
• Do not expose batteries to water or allow the batteries to get
• Do not connect (short) the positive and negative terminals, of
the batteries, to each other with any metal object.
• Do not pierce, strike or step on batteries or subject batteries to
strong impacts or shocks.
• Do not disassemble or modify batteries.
• Do not leave the battery in a non-operating charger. The
battery may discharge through the charger rather than hold
its charge.
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