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Residual Battery Capacity Indicator Display And Estimate Of Residual Battery Capacity For Display Unit - Yamaha PW-SE Original Instructions Manual

Drive unit/display unit/battery pack/battery charger
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Table of Contents
H. Checking the residual battery capacity
You can check the estimate of how much capacity is left in the battery and to what extent it is
charged. The check can be performed using either the display unit's residual battery capacity indi-
cator or the battery's residual battery capacity indicator lamps.
• Even if the battery's capacity reaches 0 (zero), you can still ride the bicycle as a regular bicycle.
• If you are using an old battery pack, the residual battery capacity indicator may suddenly display
very little power when you start moving. This is not a malfunction. Once riding stabilizes and the
load is reduced, the proper value is displayed.
Residual battery capacity indicator display and estimate of residual bat-
tery capacity for display unit
The residual battery capacity can be displayed as a numerical value on the display unit.
Display of the residual battery capacity for
the display unit
(Display A)
<0.5 second intervals>
<0.2 second intervals>
(Display X)
Display of
When you turn on the power of
the display unit and ride
continually after the battery is
fully charged, the segments for
100–11 %
the residual battery capacity
indicator go out one by one each
time the residual battery capacity
is reduced by 10 %.
There is very little residual battery
10–1 %
capacity left. Please charge the
battery soon.
There is no more residual battery
capacity. Turn off the power for
the display unit and charge the
0 %
battery pack soon.
* Assist is stopped, but you can
still ride the bicycle as a regular
Applicable situation

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Table of Contents

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