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Safety Information - Yamaha PW-SE Original Instructions Manual

Drive unit/display unit/battery pack/battery charger
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Safety information

Never use this battery charger to charge other electrical appliances.
Do not use any other charger or charging method to recharge the special batter-
ies. Using any other charger could result in fire, explosion, or damage the batter-
This battery charger can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and
persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experi-
ence and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concern-
ing use of the battery charger in a safe way and understand the hazards in-
volved. Children shall not play with the battery charger. Cleaning and user
maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision.
Although the battery charger is waterproof, never allow it to become immersed
in water or other fluids. In addition, never use the battery charger if the terminals
are wet.
Never handle the power plug, charging plug or touch the charger contacts with
wet hands. This could result in electric shock.
Do not touch charger contacts with metallic objects. Do not allow foreign materi-
al to cause short circuit of the contacts. This could result in electric shock, fire,
or damage the battery charger.
Periodically remove dust from the power plug. Dampness or other issues could
reduce the effectiveness of the insulation, resulting in fire.
Never disassemble or modify the battery charger. This could result in fire or elec-
tric shock.
Do not use with a power strip or extension cord. Using a power strip or similar
methods may exceed rated current and can result in fire.
Do not use with the cable tied or rolled up, and do not store with the cable
wrapped around the charger main body. Cable damage can result in fire or elec-
tric shock.
Firmly insert the power plug and the charging plug into the socket. Failure to in-
sert the power plug and the charging plug completely can result in fire caused
by electric shock or overheating.
Do not use the battery charger near flammable material or gas. This could result
in fire or explosion.
Never cover the battery charger or place other objects on top of it while charg-
ing. This could result in internal overheating leading to fire.
Do not drop the battery charger or expose it to strong impacts. Otherwise, it
could cause a fire or electric shock.
Store the battery pack and battery charger out of reach of children.

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Table of Contents

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