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Husqvarna MP 250 S Operator's Manual page 39

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The machine must not be started in
vertical position or when it is raised
Always take care when using the
machine. Adopt a comfortable and
well-balanced posture.
Before starting up, remove the
spanners and any adjusting tools
from the floor and from the machine.
Keep the protective guard in place
all the time you are working
• Single-phase version:
- Start the machine by turning the knob to
position 1.
• Three-phase version:
- Ensure that the supply voltage is correct.
- Set the number 220 (230V) or 380 (400V) for
the rectifier in the sight glass before starting
using the knob.
Do not leave the key in the voltage rectifier to
avoid the risk of a moving it by mistake and
possibly damaging the motor.
• Check that the direction of rotation is correct
Adjustable axle
Designed to compensate for more regular wear of
the segment blocks or abrasives.
Rear position: for rough stone blocks
(maximum weight).
- Obtained by untightening lever (A) and pulling
lever (B) forwards (SEE FIG. 7).
Forward position: for finishing (minimum
- Obtained by untightening lever (A) and
pushing lever (B) backwards (SEE FIG. 7).
FIG. 7
Tensioning the belt (stop the motor)
To change the belt or to tension it, all you have to
do is release the bolts (E) fastening the motor to
the chassis and turn the tensioning screw © to the
right to tension or to the left to slacken the belt
(SEE FIG. 8). (The tension is checked via a hatch
under the chassis when the machine is
disconnected from the power supply).
Never tighten the belt extremely.
This can cause fatigue and the
bearings to overheat
FIG. 8


Table of Contents

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