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Filling The Tank - Husqvarna MP 250 S Operator's Manual

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This is done successively with magnesia
segments with a respective granular size of 2, 3
and 4 (5 Star Super to obtain a brilliant satin
The successive operations using these different
granular sizes enable the polishing marks
gradually to be reduced and eliminated to obtain
a perfect finish.
IMPORTANT: It would be wrong to avoid using
one of these successive granular sizes to make
the operation cheaper because this would not in
fact be the case since by missing out, for
instance, granular size 2 and going directly to 3,
twice the time must be spent to obtain an
identical result. Each granular size has been
designed to obtain the finish required and the
stipulated method of operation must be followed
After polishing with granular size 4, it can be
agreed that the polishing is perfect and that the
operation is complete: you now have paving with
no ridges but which still lacks the liveliness of
brilliantly polished stone.
This is an operation designed to provide a
lustrous finish to the polishing operation you
have just completed using granular size 4.
Depending on the quality of the material, you
must perform operations that we have largely
simplified by creating 'POLYECLAIR"' final
polish powders.
These powders have been designed with
rationalisation in mind so that you do not have to
search for the relevant chemical product suitable
for each material.
Crystallising powder, supplied in 2 KG plastic pots.
Type A
Type C
Type D
We recommend that you refer to the instructions
for using our POLYECLAIR product, which will
provide total satisfaction and very satisfactory
For marble and light stone
For dark marble and granite
Your polishing machine is fitted with a felt support
plate and a polishing felt of very hard quality to
ensure a constantly even finish.
For light marbles and stone: you simply use a
felt with no other accessory after ensuring that the
paving is perfectly clean and dry. This is
essential for obtaining the perfect brilliance in all
Sprinkle approximately 20g of POLYECLAIR on
the floor forming a circle equal to the felt's
diameter. Add a few drops of water to the powder
on the surface to be polished to form a paste and
pass the felt support plate over this mixture.
The final polishing operation must be started, and
continue to be, wet by adding a few drops of
water from a sponge without ever sprinkling
significantly. Now, the heating created between
the felt and the floor ensures a brilliant finish.
Cease adding water and continue to operate the
machine so that the friction causes all the residual
water on the floor to evaporate.
Finish the operation by washing with water using
a sludge-type vacuum cleaner.

Filling the tank

• Pour water into the (22-litre) tank through the
hole. The water flow is regulated by the knurled
knob (B) (SEE FIG. 6).
• Each time, when you have finished using the
machine, close the water tap. If you will not be
using the machine for a certain length of time,
take care to remove the tank by removing the
two screws at the front, on the base of the tank
and one screw situated above the motor. Clean
and rinse the water inlet holes to avoid clogging.
FIG. 6


Table of Contents

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