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Scotts S2048, S2554 Operator's Manual Page 62

Yard tractor and garden tractor.
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Octane Rating
Regular grade 87 octane unleaded fuel is recommended
for use in your tractor. Higher octane fuels will seldom
make your tractor perform better. If your tractor develops
a starting or performance problem immediately after use
of new fuel, change supplier or fuel brand. If the problem
still exists after switching fuel, see your Authorized
Service Center for service.
Fuel Blends
Fuels are blended to give peak performance during cold
weather and warm weather. For cold weather, gasoline
is specially blended to provide better starting
capabilities. However, avoid prolonged storage of cold-
weather blended fuel because it will evaporate more
quickly. You may experience longer cranking times in
cold weather with "old" fuel. Buy smaller amounts of
cold-weather blended fuel in winter.
Fuels used during the summer are not required to
provide improved starting properties so they are
blended differently. As a result, you may experience
hard starting or other performance problems during cold
weather if you use fuel remaining from summer uses.
Oxygenated or Reformulated Fuels
Many areas are now required to add "oxygenates"
(either alcohol or ether) which blend oxygen into the fuel
to help reduce exhaust emissions. If you use
oxygenated fuel be sure it is unleaded and meets the
minimum octane rating requirement. DO NOT use fuel
that contains methanol to avoid producing excess
Although fuels blended with alcohol or ether allow your
engine to run cleaner, they may contribute to fuel
system damage and performance problems by causing
gum and varnish deposits, especially if fuel is stored for
several weeks or more.
Using clean, fresh fuel will help to prevent damage to
the fuel system and will help maintain peak engine
performance. If engine performance problems occur,
use fuel from another supplier before suspecting
machine problems. Suppliers blend fuels differently and
changing suppliers will generally solve any performance
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