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Scotts S2048, S2554 Operator's Manual Page 45

Yard tractor and garden tractor.
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Checking Engine Oil Level
IMPORTANT: To avoid engine damage, DO NOT
run engine if oil level is below ADD mark.
1. Park tractor on a level surface. STOP engine. Let
engine cool.
2. Lift hood.
3. Clean area around dipstick to prevent debris from
falling into crankcase.
Picture Note: Model S2048 used for photo purposes.
4. Remove dipstick (A). Wipe with clean cloth.
5. Insert dipstick into the tube and rest the oil fill cap on
the tube. DO NOT thread the cap onto the tube.
6. Remove dipstick and check the oil level.
7. Oil must be between ADD and FULL marks.
8. Add oil to FULL mark if necessary. DO NOT overfill.
9. Install and tighten dipstick. Lower hood.
Changing Engine Oil
CAUTION: Hot Engine and Hot Oil can cause
severe burns. Allow engine temperature to
drop from hot to warm level before attempting
to change oil.
1. Run engine to warm oil.
2. Park tractor on level surface. STOP engine, LOCK
park brake and remove key.
3. Wipe debris and dirt from around dipstick.
4. Put drain pan under drain extension (A).
5. Remove drain plug (A) and drain oil into oil drain pan.
Picture Note: Model S2048 used for photo purposes.
6. Replace drain plug. Tighten to: 13.6 N•m (10 ft. lb.).
7. Remove dipstick (B) and refill with new oil of
recommended grade.
• Approximate engine oil capacity: 2.1 L (2 qt)
Service Engine - Page 39


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