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Using Your Ice Maker - NewAir CLEARICE40 Owner's Manual

Countertop clear ice maker
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1. Remove the cover of the water reservoir and pour potable water into the water
reservoir. Be sure to keep the water level below the marked maximum FILL level.
CAUTION: Replace the back cover at once to avoid foreign matter
underneath the ice basket. This tank is not big enough and will affect
the ice making performance.
2. Plug in the main power supply plug. Press the "ON/OFF" button on the control
panel to being the ice making cycle.
After you plug in the main power supply plug, the green power
indicator will be on for two seconds, then flash for three seconds. After you
turn on the unit by pressing the "ON/OFF" button, the green indicator will
keep lighting.
3. The ice making cycle will last anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes, depending
on the surrounding temperature. Each initial ice making cycle will usually take
longer to complete as the unit needs time to reach maximum freezing temperature.
In extreme hot room temperatures, ice making time may vary greatly, but should
not exceed fifty minutes.
Do not pour water into the internal water tank located

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