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Valve Clearance; Kawasaki Clean Air System - Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 2012 Owner's Manual

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Valve Clearance

Valve and valve seat wear decreases
valve clearance, upsetting valve timing.
If valve clearance is left un-
adjusted, wear will eventually
cause the valves to remain
partly open; which lowers per-
formance, burns the valves and
valve seats, and may cause seri-
ous engine damage.
Valve clearance for each valve
should be checked and adjusted in
accordance with the Periodic Mainte-
nance Chart.
Inspection and adjustment should
be done by an authorized Kawasaki

Kawasaki Clean Air System

The Kawasaki Clean Air System
(KCA) is a secondary air suction sys-
tem that helps the exhaust gases to
burn more completely. When the spent
fuel charge is released into the ex-
haust system, it is still hot enough to
burn. The KCA System allows extra
air into the exhaust system so that the
spent fuel charge can continue to burn.
This continued burning action tends to
burn up a great deal of the normally
unburned gases, as well as chang-
ing a significant portion of the carbon
monoxide into carbon dioxide.


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