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Bridge Supply Adjustments; Link Locations - Honeywell 04200-A-1201 Operating Instructions Manual

4–20ma to catalytic input converter
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MAN0488.PM6 Issue 02
(12) Fit the Signal Converter Module to the DIN rail in the position vacated by
the three DIN terminal blocks.
(11) Connect the Searchpoint Optima, or 4 - 20mA device, field wiring and
control card input as shown in Figure 2.
The following procedure is written for use with the Searchpoint Optima, however
a similar procedure is suitable for other 4 - 20mA sensor devices.
To complete the installation of the Signal Converter Module, continue as follows:
Inhibit the control system alarm/fault relays.
Connect the Control Card to the control system by means of a suitable
extension lead. This will automatically reconnect power to the Searchpoint
Optima and Signal Converter Module.
Using a DVM and with 0mA applied to the converter, measure the dc
voltage between the Signal Converter Module terminals C and D which
should be between 2.9V and 3.0V.
If the DVM readings is outside the 2.9V to 3.0V limits, adjust the
associated Control Card adjustment to bring the reading within limits.
Ensure the 300mA maximum rating for the converter is not exceeded.
Disconnect the Control Card extension lead and re-insert the Control Card
into the System.
Allow at least 20 seconds for initialisation to occur.
Figure 3 Link Locations
4 - 20mA to Catalytic Converter
LK3 (2 off)
(Links shown in the
vertical position)



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