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Battery Connection - Honeywell WPS Series Quick Start Manual

Wireless pressure sensor
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Quick Start Guide for the
WPS Series Wireless Pressure Sensor

Battery Connection

As shipped, the WPS Series Wireless Pressure Sensor contains two each, D-sized batteries, held in a battery holder. The batteries are kept
in a disconnected state by a small plastic battery insulator. This insulator must be removed prior to provisioning and operating the sensor.
Suggested policies for battery connection are:
Do not remove the tab until the unit is ready for use, as battery life will be considerably shortened. The unit will transmit frequently,
trying to establish communication with a node. This node establishment will not succeed, if the network has not yet been provi-
sioned for that sensor.
Do not remove the tab and provision the unit until the unit is in its intended location, as it will try to establish links with whatever
AP's are
nearby. This will cause unnecessary transmissions through the network to occur, wasting battery power and using band-
When a sensor is removed from service, and is to be stored, it is recommended that the insulating tab be installed, or the batteries
removed, so as to preserve battery life and avoid unnecessary data transmissions.
Risk of death or serious injury by explosion. Do not open sensor enclosure when an explosive gas atmosphere is present.
Batteries must not be changed in an explosive gas atmosphere.
The sensor enclosure must not be opened when an explosive gas atmosphere is present.
When not in use the batteries must be stored in a non-hazardous area
The batteries used in this device may present a risk of fire or chemical burn if mistreated. Do not recharge, disassemble, heat
above 100 °C [212 °F], or incinerate. Do not expose batteries to water.
When installing batteries do not snag the battery terminal on the clip or the battery may be damaged. Do not apply excessive
Do not drop. Dropping the battery may cause damage. If a battery is dropped, do not install the dropped battery into the sen-
sor. Dispose of dropped battery promptly per local regulations or per the battery manufacturer's recommendations.
Both batteries must be the same model from the same manufacturer. Mixing old and new batteries or different manufacturers is not
Use only the following 3.6V lithium thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) batteries (non-rechargeable), size D. No other batteries are ap-
proved for use in
WXP-Series Wireless Transmitters.
Xeno Energy XL-205F
Tadiran TL-5930/s
Honeywell p/n WBT5 (Two 3.6V lithium thionyl chloride batteries)
Honeywell Sensing and Control



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