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Performance Specifications - Mitsubishi Electric NZ2GF2S-60IOLD8 User Manual

Cc-link ie field network remote io-link module.
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Performance Specifications

NZ2GF2S-60IOLD8 IO-Link module
Module type
CC-Link IE Field Network
Rated input voltage
Insulation method
Between I/O and power supply
Between channels
Withstand voltage
Insulation resistance
Noise immunity
Protection degree
Wiring method for common
Surge suppressor
Protection function
External interface
CC-Link IE Field Network part
Module power supply part
IO-Link part
Module operation start
IO-Link mode
SIO mode
Applicable DIN rail
Applicable wire size
Terminal block for module power supply and FG
IO-Link terminal block
Applicable solderless
Terminal block for module power supply and FG
IO-Link terminal block
Operation mode
IO-Link mode
Supported protocol
Number of channels
Rated load current (C/Q)
Rated load current (L+)
Transmission speed
IO-Link mode
Cyclic transmission
RX/RY points
RWr/RWw points
2.2 Performance Specifications
Intelligent device station
IO-Link master
24VDC (ripple rate: 5% or less)
(allowable voltage range 20.4 to 28.8VDC (24VDC -15 to +20%))
Digital isolator
500VDC for 1 minute between all DC external terminals and the ground
10M or higher between all DC external terminals and ground (500VDC
insulation resistance tester)
Noise voltage 500Vp-p, noise width 1s, noise frequency 25 to 60Hz (DC type
noise simulator condition)
8 points/common
Zener diode
Overcurrent, overload protection
RJ45 connector
Terminal block for module power supply and FG (spring clamp terminal block
(push-in type))
40-point 2-piece spring clamp terminal block (push-in type)
• 1 channel: 1.5 to 4 seconds
• 8 channels: 12 to 32 seconds
• 1 channel: 0.2 seconds
• 8 channels: 0.2 seconds
TH35-7.5Fe, TH35-7.5Al (compliant with IEC 60715)
Core: 0.5 to 2.0 (20 to 14 AWG), terminal slot size: 2.8mm  2.0mm
■For +24V/24G/FG
Core: 0.5 to 1.5 (20 to 16 AWG), terminal slot size: 2.4mm  1.5mm
■For CQ/L+/L-/DI
Core: 0.2 to 1.5 (24 to 16 AWG), terminal slot size: 2.4mm  1.5mm
Page 35 Applicable solderless terminal
Page 39 Applicable solderless terminal
The following 6 modes are available.
• Disabled mode
• IO-Link (standard) mode
• IO-Link (sink input) mode
• SIO (sink input) mode
• SIO (source output) mode
• Power supply mode
8 channels max.
200mA/channel, 4A/common
1.6A/channel, 4A/common
• COM1: 4.8kbps
• COM2: 38.4kbps
• COM3: 230.4kbps
Determined by the IO-Link device connected. The transmission speed is
switched automatically.
Compliant with IO-Link standard
48 points
132 points


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