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Drive Chain Slack Adjustment; Drive Chain Cleaning And Lubrication; Steering Head Adjustment - Yamaha YTZ250S 1986 Service Manual

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Table of Contents
Drive Chain Slack Adjustment
1. Loosen the rear wheel hub bolts.
Upper bolt
2. Lower bolt
2. Loosen the locknuts on each side. To
tighten the chain, turn chain adjuster
clockwise. To loosen the chain, turn the
adjuster counterclockwise and push the
wheel forward. Turn each adjuster exact-
ly the same amount to maintain correct
axle alignment.
(There are marks on each side of
swingarm and on each chain adjuster;
use them to check for proper alignment.)
1. Locknut
Adjusting bolt
3. Mark for alignment
3. After adjusting, be sure to tighten the
locknuts and the wheel hub bolts.
Upper wheel hub bolt:
50 Nm (5.0 m·kg, 36 ft·lb)
Lower wheel hub bolt:
80 Nm (8.0 m'kg, 58 ft·lb)
Drive Chain Cleaning and Lubrication
This machine has a drive chain with small rub-
ber O-rings between the chain plates. Steam
cleaning, high-pressure washes, and certain
solvent can damage these O-rings. Use only
kerosene to clean the drive chain. Wipe it dry,
and thoroughly lubricate it with SAE 30 - 50
motor oil. Do not use any other lubricants on
the drive chain. They may contain solvents
that could damage the O-rings.
Steering Head Adjustment
The steering assembly should be checked
periodically for looseness.
1. Raise the front end of the machine so
that there is no weight on the front
2. Grasp the bottom of the forks and gently
rock the fork assembly backward and
forward, checking for looseness in the
steering assembly bearings.


Table of Contents

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