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Menu Function - Sanyo ICR-B29 Instruction Manual

Sanyo digital voice recorder instruction manual icr-b29, icr-b31, icr-b34
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Menu function

Common procedures of menu function
1. In the stop mode, press the MENU button briefly. The unit enters
the menu setting mode. Only the related indicator is lit and all other
indicators go off.
Each time the button is pressed, the display changes as follows:
"FOLDER" v "DICT" (or "CONF") v "LP" (or "HQ") v "VAS"
(OFF or ON) v "ONE" (or "ALL") "a" v "BEEPON" (or
"BEEPOFF") v Date and time setting mode (YEAR, MM/DD, 12
or 24 HOUR, TIME) v Stop mode
2. To change the setting of the selected menu, press the e or f
SKIP/SEARCH button. (For more detail, refer to the following
If no button is pressed within 10 sec., the stop mode returns.
3. Press the STOP/OFF button to quit the menu setting mode. The
stop mode returns.
FOLDER: Selecting folder (1, 2, 3 or 4)
DICT (or CONF): Setting recording condition
DICT (dictation): In a more enclosed area and
recording source is close to the unit.
CONF (conference): In a more open area and
recording source is far from the unit.

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