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Configuring The Dicom Feature; To Configure The System Dicom Parameters - Philips HD3 Service Manual

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HD3 Service Manual
CSIP Level 1
Configuring the
DICOM Feature
If the system you are installing has the DICOM option, you or the customer will need to config-
ure the system DICOM feature. Since configuring the system for DICOM operation requires
specific information from the customer network administrator (see
(DICOM) Information" on page
configure the DICOM feature with the specific values that need to be entered. At initial installa-
tion, refer the customer to the HD3 Getting Started manual, which has instructions for viewing,
setting, or changing DICOM information and gives a description of each field in the "Glossary."
The basic steps for initially configuring the system for DICOM communications over a network
are as follows:
1. Enter the system DICOM parameters:
Enter the AE Title, Station Name, and Port number for the HD3 system
Enter the network settings for the HD3 system
2. Identify the DICOM storage devices (servers) that the system will use
3. Identify the DICOM printers that the system will use
4. After the DICOM feature has been configured, you may want to test the communication
between the system and a server or a printer that was
5. Configure the DICOM Log file settings

➤ To configure the system DICOM parameters

1. Press Setup.
The Setup window opens
2. Click the DICOM tab.
The DICOM setup window opens
Installation: Powering On and Configuring the System
69), Philips recommends that you work with the customer to
"Gathering Site Network
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